Immaturi TV Series: the trailer

The TV Serie “Immaturi” will air starting Friday January 12th on Canale 5 – prime time. In the cast of this new TV Series will be actress Melania Dalla Costa.


Immaturi TV Series: the plot

The plot of Immaturi TV Series is based upon the two previous movies produced years ago that were italian blockbusters: Immaturi (2010) and Immaturi – il viaggio (2012). The story is simple: a group of old High School friends find … together to undergo the exam which all high school students take after their high school years. In their case the exam needs to be … for a mistake that … the test results. In the 2012 sequel instead the group of friends take the after exam trip, years after.


Immaturi TV Series the cast

Luca Bizzarri: Piero 
Paolo Kessisoglu: Virgilio
Ricky Memphis: Lorenzo
Maurizio Mattioli: dad Maurizio
Sabrina Impacciatore: Serena
Nicole Grimaudo: Francesca
Irene Ferri: Luisa
Paola Tiziana Cruciani: mum Iole
Ninni Bruschetta: Gianni
Paolo Calabresi: Gigi 
Ilaria Spada: Claudia
Daniele Liotti: Daniele 
Carlotta Antonelli: Lucrezia
Andrea Carpenzano: Savino
Melania Dalla Costa the girl in the record store.

Director: Rolando Ravello
Art Director and Screenwriter: Paolo Genovese
A co-production RTI and Lotus Production.


Immaturi TV Series watch the trailer

The video channel of the Mediaset website has published the trailer of Immaturi.