melania dalla costa fashion film gli ultimi resti

Melania Dalla Costa protagonist of the fashion film “The Last Remains”

"The Last Remains" it's a fashion film in collaboration with Schön! magazine about abuse and ill-treatment inflicted by human beings on earth. This movie starts with an elegant and lavish feast, but it's actually the last dinner of the world as Melania Dalla Costa, the landlady, is gonna reveal with a toast. At this dinner, that conjure up The Last Supper, the lead invites her guests to toast to the illusion, the only thing left for human beings to consume.   Director: Irene Cacciarini Starring: Melania Dalla Costa Writer + art director: Chiara Cacciarini Producer: Milky Way Berlin Co-producers. Matteo Banchi, Luca Bonacina, Agency Mofo Fashion. Pablo...

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Melania Dalla Costa for CHANEL

Melania Dalla Costa for CHANEL BEAUTY and DMAG Argentina by Adam Shulman. Photos and video have been taken in Sicily (Italy). Art Director: Marcela Mayorgas Director: Francesco Montefusco ...

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Melania Dalla Costa poses for the photographer Giovanni Gastel

The actress Melania Dalla Costa is noticed by the photographer Giovanni Gastel, an icon of Italian fashion. Who is the photographer Giovanni Gastel Giovanni Gastel, from Milan, became an initial fashion photographer of the eighties. After the appearance of the first still-life in Annabella magazine, in 1982, he began a collaboration with Vogue Italia and then with the magazines Mondo Uomo and Donna. From this moment on, her professional activity began a collaboration with the most prestigious fashion magazines both in Italy and abroad, in Paris. Around the middle of the eighties, he founded Gastel & Associati with Angelo Annibalini and Uberto Frigerio, with...

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