Melania Dalla Costa for Bulgari Serpenti

Melania Dalla Costa for Bulgari Serpenti

Melania Dalla Costa for Bvlgari Serpenti “75 Years of Infinite Tales” Exhibition Opening in Milan.

To celebrate Serpenti’s 75th anniversary, Bulgari is launching a global art project, the Serpenti Factory, which explores various faces of the icon, connecting its past, present and future. In this way, Bulgari continues its special tribute to the city of Milan, making it the hub of the only European stop of this extraordinary adventure.

From Oct. 11 to Nov. 19, 2023, the “Serpents 75 Years of Infinite Tales” exhibition will be on view at the Levante Dole in Simplon Square. This exhibition offers a narrative journey through jewelry, watches, videos and archival documents.

For this special event, six artists of international caliber and from Italy, including Davide Quayola, Sougwen Chung, Daniel Rozin, Cate M, Fabrizio “Bixio” Braghieri and Filippo Salerni, were selected to express through their creations the versatile essence of the Serpenti brand.

To access the installation, visitors can make reservations through this link or by scanning the QR code on advertisements posted in various urban areas and on certain streetcar routes. Each guided tour will be run by students from the Milan campus of the Catholic University of Milan.