Melania Dalla Costa, the thoughtful actress who does things her way

Vogue Messico Melania Dalla Costa

Melania Dalla Costa, the thoughtful actress who does things her way

Vogue Mexico dedicated a feature to Melania Dalla Costa.


Meet Melania Dalla Costa, the Italian-French producer who embodies the idea of breaking with convention.

Melania Dalla Costa arrives to conquer the film and entertainment industry, she also arrives to fight against violence against women and leave her mark and her voice in this battle against society. Problems arise and overcoming them day by day becomes a difficult task. However, the Italian-French actress, writer and producer – born on February 25, 1988 in Marostica – feels ‘quietly confident’ to be an ally of change and a leader of innovation.


The creative trained at Teatro Elfo, Spazio Gedeone, Milan’s CTA and Rome’s Conservatory of Theater. She is a leading activist in women’s advocacy, follows film avidly and has her sights set on the future of the industry. But if that’s a brief summary of where Melania’s head is now as she makes her way in various fields and parts of the world, the story of this incredible woman is one to know.

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Could Melania Dalla Costa be the next voice of the women’s movement?


While embarking on her career in the film industry, the Italian-French actress studied acting with the best trainers in the international film scene, such as Ivana Chubbuck and Bernard Hiller. With this as a premise, Melania was able to make her debut on the small screen with a role in the soap opera ‘Un posto al sole’ in 2014, which was followed by ‘Immaturi’ – a TV series directed by Rolando Ravello (2016) – and the film ‘Pamuk Prens’ (2016).


The actress has made waves in the world of cinema, flitting through festivals, awards and films. In February 2018, Luca Biglione’s ‘Stato di Ebbrezza’, where she co-stars alongside Francesca Inaudi, was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. The film was also selected at the Marché of the Cannes Film Festival. That same year, Melania starred in ‘I Sogni Sospesi’, a short film she wrote with director Manuela Tempesta, ‘Three’, directed by Alberto Bambini, and ‘The Untold’, a fashion film directed by Irene Cacciarini. Also, during the 76′ edition of the Venice Film Festival she was one of the protagonists of the kermesse, officially presenting the film ‘I Sogni Sospesi’ in the Veneto Region space at the Hotel Excelsior in Venice Lido.


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With these achievements ahead of her, it seems appropriate, then, that the producer has taken it upon herself to become a leader of female change. And when we talk about change, we are referring to actions that make this world a better one. An example of this is her testimony of the 2019 campaign of the United Nations (UNICRI) against violence against women. UNICRI – which is the UN institute – deals with crime prevention and strengthening the justice system as a fundamental basis for the protection of human rights and for development, here Melania was the face of the images that were taken by photographer Dimitri Dimitracacos.

Godmother of the Venice Carnival 2023


Likewise, Melania has become the godmother of the Venice Carnival 2023, the celebration that honors the Italian culture and essence. Regarding this news, the actress answered with joy and motivation a series of questions.

How has it been the experience of being the godmother of the Venice Carnival 2023?


For me it is an honor to be the godmother of the Venice Carnival, one of the most important artistic, cultural and touristic events in the world. I was born and raised in Veneto. I have played this prestigious role with love and passion, surrounded by the mystery, the dream, the elegance and the magic of the city. This edition of ‘Take your time for the Original Signs’ has been magnificent. To live Venice is to daydream, it is an indescribable experience, with masks, costumes and festivals in all their magnificence.

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We know you are an international activist, do you have any ongoing projects?


I have been working on the realization of a project for Iranian women, which went ahead thanks to my contribution and I am very happy about it. The Gaburro Gallery in Milan is the setting for an initiative with strong political and social content on the occasion of March 8, Women’s Day. Aware of the interest of Liu Bolin, one of the most internationally known and appreciated artists, in dealing with the theme of freedom through his performative practice, I wanted to strongly involve Nasibe Shamsaei, activist against the hijab, Nasibe, within Bolin’s artistic project, in symbol of the thousands of women who fight every day for their freedom. In the figurative layout of the photograph, Nasibe’s gesture of cutting her hair, synonymous with peaceful rebellion, with which she claims an authentic and profound freedom, occupies a central place. I immediately got in touch with Nasibe after her protest against the tragedy of the young Mahsa Amini, which shocked the world, and with this project I want to give voice to another activist whose voice is not free.

Do you have any pending trips?


I would like to go to India, I’m working on a social project that touches me very closely.



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