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L’attrice italiana Melania Dalla Costa sarà nel film “The Second Way”.

MAgna Grecia Awards Melania Dalla Costa

Melania Dalla Costa honored at Magna Grecia Awards

Last July 2, the Magna Grecia Awards ceremony was held in Puglia.


The Magna Grecia Awards recognize themselves in the universal values of this ancient Mediterranean civilization: democracy, freedom, tolerance, dialogue and solidarity among people.
It is no coincidence that this very strip of land of Otranto was chosen to establish an Award that for more than 20 years has been calling to the beauty of soul and mind.

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Melania Dalla Costa on InStyle Mexico

Melania Dalla Costa stars in an interview and photo shoot in InStyle Mexico.


Melania Dalla Costa, a great example of determination and perseverance

Italian actress, producer and activist Melania Dalla Costa has established herself as one of the most powerful faces in contemporary cinema. In recent years, she has carried out projects on behalf of women that have made her an example of commitment and struggle for various causes. Join us to find out in her own words about her life, activism and upcoming projects.

MELANIA DALLA COSTA FORBES Messico cover articolo

Melania Dalla Costa on Forbes Mexico

Melania Dalla Costa stars in an interview and photo shoot in Forbes Mexico.   Melania Dalla Costa: Fragility as a symbol of empowerment The Italian actress, producer and activist is the face, charisma and determination of the international project "Women Empowered". She was chosen together with Alicia Keys, Eva Longoria and Isabeli Fontana.   Today she is one of the most powerful and enigmatic faces of contemporary cinema. But from an early age, Melania Dalla Costa was aware that sensitivity, both artistic and human, would be the weapons that would lead her to realize her dreams and later to raise her voice despite her doubts and...

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Melania Dalla Costa interviewed and photographed on ELLE Bulgaria

Melania Dalla Costa was interviewed by ELLE Bulgaria and photographed by the talented photographer Marina Prinzi. At this link the original interview.   Melania Dalla Costa: Being an actress has become one of my greatest passions Melania Dala Costa is an actress, screenwriter, producer and activist, born on February 25, 1988 in Marostica. She is the creative producer of Magic Fair, a film distribution and production company. She studied at Teatro Elf, Spazio Gedeone, CTA in Milan and the Conservatorio del Teatro Diotaiuti in Rome. She made her debut on the small screen with a role in the series Un posto al sole in 2014, followed by...

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Melania Dalla Costa su spaghetti mag

In conversation with Melania Dalla Costa by Spaghettimag

Spaghettimag è il magazine che vuole esprimere l’arte, la musica, la moda, il design, la cucina, l’editoria, il cinema attraverso gli occhi dei suoi autori, per diventare quindi uno spazio in cui ognuno può esprimere la sua personalità.   In questo articolo, Anna Chiara Delle Donne intervista Melania Dalla Costa.   Attrice, sceneggiatrice, produttrice e attivista italo francese. Per Melania Dalla Costa l’arte è un linguaggio universale che scuote le anime e la libertà è una farfalla blu. È stata appena scelta insieme ad Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, Isabeli Fontana per un progetto internazionale perché è la voce della giustizia, dei diritti umani e dell’...

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