Melania Dalla Costa

Melania Dalla Costa Forbes Italia foto di gruppo

Melania Dalla Costa guest at the Forbes Live event for Forbes Italy

The editorial theme of the #12 number of Forbes Italia on newsstands from Tuesday 25 September 2018, the New Italian Renaissance, took on a concrete role thanks to Forbes Live. After Milan, Venice, Rimini and Rome, it was yesterday Florence to host a new stage of the Forbes event. The Italian actress Melania Dalla Costa has participated, as a guest, in the exclusive event to celebrate Italian excellence. To introduce the works at the rooms of the Four Seasons of Florence, the editor of Blue Financial Communication, Denis Masetti and Francesco Ferragina, president of Kon. In front of an exceptional audience of...

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I sogni sospesi locandina new melania dalla costa

Melania Dalla Costa protagonist of the film Unfinished Dreams

Melania Dalla Costa is the star of the new short film, directed by Manuela Tempesta with the photography of Luca Ciuti, where she plays Marlène. Melania conceived the subject and wrote the screenplay with Manuela Tempesta.   Unfinished Dreams, the synopsis Marlène is a beautiful French girl who emigrated from her country of origin, who suffers from the Bonnet syndrome, a rare neuropsychiatric hallucinatory disease, which also leads to a vision deficit. He has a great creative talent and paints naked on a large sheet hung in the mill, a fascinating but dilapidated place, where he has taken refuge. Marlène hides a big...

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Stato di Ebbrezza, the film about the true story of the cabaret artist Maria Rossi

On May 24th 2018 the film Stato di Ebbrezza will be released in cinemas, based on the true story of Zelig Maria Rossi's cabaret artist. Melania Dalla Costa plays the role of Beatrice.   The story of Maria Rossi: from Zelig to the abyss From the TV spotlight to a psychiatric hospital: it is the dramatic true story of Maria Rossi, a cabaret artist known thanks to the participation in Zelig and the Maurizio Costanzo Show and plunged into a spiral of alcohol and despair that took her to a clinic. A journey to hell and back that is now reconstructed and told...

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Cover rivista Benessere, Melania Dalla Costa

Melania Dalla Costa on the cover of BenEssere

Melania Dalla Costa is on the cover of the May issue of the magazine BenEssere and with a wonderful interview by Pino Pignatta where Melania has spoken about herself, her future projects and the film Stato Di Ebbrezza, which she co-stars, which will be released in May at the cinema and will be presented at the next Cannes Film Festival. Press Office: Factory4 Ph.: Roberta Krasnig Make up an Hair: Sandy Giuffrida per Simone Belli Stylist: Sara Castelli Gattinara ed Emily Sabbadini  ...

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IMMATURI LA SERIE - Melania Dalla Costa

Immaturi TV Series: the trailer

The TV Serie "Immaturi" will air starting Friday January 12th on Canale 5 - prime time. In the cast of this new TV Series will be actress Melania Dalla Costa.   Immaturi TV Series: the plot The plot of Immaturi TV Series is based upon the two previous movies produced years ago that were italian blockbusters: Immaturi (2010) and Immaturi – il viaggio (2012). The story is simple: a group of old High School friends find ...

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Melania Dalla Costa - Film Stato D'Ebbrezza

Began filming “Stato D’Ebbrezza” with Francesca Inaudi e Melania Dalla Costa

In Rome began filming "Stato D'Ebbrezza" with Francesca Inaudi and Melania Dalla Costa, about the life of comedian Maria Rossi, who came to fame with the Costanzo Show before and then Zelig, alcoholic and addicted to drugs, that ends up in a psychiatric hospital. [caption id="attachment_21049" align="aligncenter" width="594"] Francesca Inaudi[/caption] Francesca Inaudi e Melania Dalla Costa interpreters of the film "Stato D'Ebbrezza" Francesca Inaudi inside the psychiatric hospital, in the role of Mary, meets Beatrice (Melania Dalla Costa), a girl from with shattered past, creating a partnership that will allow them to do every day of the steps forward towards the way out from the...

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Mia Le Journal cover - Melania Dalla Costa

Melania Dalla Costa muse for Mia Le Journal

Fashion photographer Angelo Cricchi was the creative mind who realized project Muse, by Mia Le Journal. Melania Dalla Costa is one of the actress involved. Location Studio Maestro Pizzi Cannella Ph Angelo Cricchi Designer Maria Cristina Cerulli...

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Le grand mag - Melania Dalla Costa

Melania Dalla Costa on Le Grand Mag

LE GRAND MAG celebrates the values of the high-life with the most extraordinary products & services in the world. An international guide to the ultimate pleasures and vanities: elegant and sophisticated avant-garde, travel, real estate, yachts, technology novelties, high-society, jewellery & watches, cars, aircrafts, art & photography, interview. Melania Dalla Costa italian actress, is on LE GRAND MAG number 29/2016. Photographer: Maria La Torre Make-Up and Hair: Simona Galati Buy LE GRAND MAG (digital): iTunes e Play Google ...

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