Melania Dalla Costa protagonist of the film Unfinished Dreams

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Melania Dalla Costa protagonist of the film Unfinished Dreams

Melania Dalla Costa is the star of the new short film, directed by Manuela Tempesta with the photography of Luca Ciuti, where she plays Marlène. Melania conceived the subject and wrote the screenplay with Manuela Tempesta.


Unfinished Dreams, the synopsis

Marlène is a beautiful French girl who emigrated from her country of origin, who suffers from the Bonnet syndrome, a rare neuropsychiatric hallucinatory disease, which also leads to a vision deficit. He has a great creative talent and paints naked on a large sheet hung in the mill, a fascinating but dilapidated place, where he has taken refuge. Marlène hides a big secret that has upset her life.
At the end of the film, Marlène immersed completely in the river seems to want to purify herself and, finally, find peace in the water…

We hear his voice express his thoughts:
«That day I believed that the universe had created a star for me… A big star, full of light… I thought I could reach it… And that I could shine in the dark… Like our dreams… Suspended and, therefore, eternal. No one will ever know what happened to the mill and what my sister did for me… Everything will continue to flow… Like the water of the river… ».


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