Melania Dalla Costa on InStyle Mexico

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Melania Dalla Costa on InStyle Mexico

Melania Dalla Costa stars in an interview and photo shoot in InStyle Mexico.


Melania Dalla Costa, a great example of determination and perseverance

Italian actress, producer and activist Melania Dalla Costa has established herself as one of the most powerful faces in contemporary cinema. In recent years, she has carried out projects on behalf of women that have made her an example of commitment and struggle for various causes. Join us to find out in her own words about her life, activism and upcoming projects.

Of Italian descent and with a story similar to many others, her childhood was simple. With big dreams from a young age, she decided to study acting at an early age until she got her first TV role in 2014.


It was from this moment that her life changed and her career along with her fame began to grow in both film and television. In 2018 she was the only one selected by Forbes Italy magazine, as “Excellence Made in Italy.” It was during these years that her passion and commitment to activism grew.


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Women as symbols of power

One of Melania Dalla Costa’s main struggles is violence against women. In 2019, she began her journey to combat this issue by giving a testimony at the United Nations. She was later selected by Grazia Arabia as one of the globally inspiring women.


She was recently selected to be part of the “Mujeres Empoderadas” campaign along with such great talents as Eva Longoria, Alicia Keys, Maria Pineda, and Isabel Fontana for Marie Claire Spain magazine. The presence of each represents justice, human rights, equality, intelligence, soul and recognition of all women.

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“It is an honor to be part of this project that I have loved and with such inspiring and world-renowned women. I respect them so much as artists, as activists and most of all as women. (…) I am proud to have been selected, but I cannot ignore the women who risk their lives every day and dedicate every minute to saving the lives of others, risking their own in the process,” the actress said about her participation in this project.


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Obstacles as a method of learning

His involvement in films that portray problems in today’s society, such as addictions, have changed his thinking about the issues and obstacles we face in life to achieve our goals.


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“I love all my wounds, I would do everything the same way again. My wounds and mistakes taught me to be strong and helped make me the woman I am today. I am not afraid to express my doubts and fears, as you grow up you learn to show your weakness as a sign of great strength.”


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Projects filled with magic

Melania Dalla Costa is currently involved in new and exciting projects in which women have a greater role and presence in history, as well as in film.


“I am currently immersed in the magic of creation, new projects that tell the story of my origins on the Asiago Plateau. I am working on bringing to the big screen a script with female protagonists such as Bonecrackers, The Golden Blood and La Lupa. Cinema does not yet represent many strong and determined female protagonists, and I would like to give women this opportunity and this place. I want to tell new and unique stories.”


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The dreams that have accompanied her since she was a child, she is beginning to see them realized, without giving up in any situation.


“I have many dreams that I have yet to realize and I am working to achieve them. I would like to work to give voice to those who need it most and grow personally and professionally while staying true to my roots. I am convinced that if we all work together with one small action we can change the world.”


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Melania would like to work on future projects with Leonardo Di Caprio, considering him an extraordinarily talented actor whom she appreciates even more for his projects for the planet. We love it! #TeamLeo


Melania has become a symbol of struggle, showing us that by persevering and committing to a cause, great changes can be made in the world. Learn more about her and keep an eye on her Instagram @melaniadallacosta.


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